Product #: IRT207


Ideal for most applications in HVAC/R, plumbing and heating, electrical, automotive, and other industrial jobs. Printed in USA IRT207SS 2.5M 6/11 The IRT207 Heat Seeker is a precision measuring device used for obtaining accurate temperatures without having to contact the object being measured. It works by capturing and measuring the invisible infrared energy naturally emitted by all objects. It offers an easy and safe way to measure surface temperatures of objects which are difficult or unsafe to contact. The Heat Seeker has a rugged, ergonomic design and features a backlit LCD display with built-in laser sighting. The IRT207 has a measurement range of -4° to 608°F (-20° to 320°C) and utilizes a switchable on/off laser pointer for target location. The practical distance-to-spot ratio of 8:1 is suitable for most consumer and commercial applications.